Thursday, 5 June 2008

End of year CZM test

In summary of the end of year exam I coastal zone management, the exam was a two hour, blue sky thinking massacre. The first question was on the conflicts and pressures with the marine coastal zone, such as fishing, recreation, industry, business and human intervention. I was looking at these points as they a huge impact on the coastal environment and have to be considered. Question two looked at the parties involved when looking and solving these debates including; stakeholders, businesses, organisations, tourism and interest groups. Question three looked at the undertaking of an actual or fictional conflict producing a resolution analysis.

My career aspirations are as yet unforeseen; however my attitude has always to do something that makes a difference instead of just campaigning or being part of an organisation that just highlights issues which are already apparent and in the public eye. Therefore my future ambitions lie in renewable energy, natural energy and new sources of fuel. I am currently applying for a degree at Exeter in Renewable energy. This is very different to the jobs/career path I had when first enrolled on this course (marine biologist- although I still have a great deal of interest in this field)

For post graduate level work, I have looked at a few courses but nothing concrete. Such as the course offered by Southampton university in Shipping and the environment and of courses offered by Exeter in renewable energy and sustainable energy offered by Brunel university.

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