Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Absract on SLR

“I think the environment should be put in the category of our national security. Defence of our resources is just as important as defence abroad. Otherwise what is there to defend?”
~Robert Redford, Yosemite National Park dedication, 1985

The above quote sparked a fire in my heart a few months back, it can literally be transferred to mean may things in a variety of politic issues, However when given the essay title of sea level rise and the effects that it will cause on our communities, specifically Cornwall. It has opened my eyes to an issue that I new was happening however I did not know to the extent of how precariously the earths natural balance is/ was and how even thou there are campaigners sacrificing the little things, the things we don’t necessarily need in order to do there part. There are 1000 people in their place who are set in there ways determined to destroy our home. the ‘Mass Balance’ theory has simply fallen out of balance and considering the warm spot in global time that we are currently in, it is only going to carry on warming until the natural breaking point were the human race will simply be shaken off (extinct) allowing a new ice age to proceed. Understandably the human efforts to destroy and upset the natural balance has not helped this process creating holes in the ozone and massive build ups of CO2 emissions and excess water vapour within our atmosphere which has considerably hindered our own existence.
So SLR seems to be a bit of a problem the, that’s established in my eyes and if you are still a non-believer so to speak, take five minutes, browse through the internet and read up, and suffer the hours of sleepless thought that follows it. Then you pick yourself up and join the rest of us on thinking about the necessary approach that is needed to combat this problem. There is huge amounts of vagueness surrounding this topic Estimates of SLR and the anticipated implications differ between every website and books are out of date before they have even reached the publishers. I think this confusion is a reflection of the governments and the related organisations complete lack of truth and detailed knowledge surrounding this subject. I think that progress can only be made when there is knowledge of which direction to progress in. This progression, co-in-siding with existing policies and regulation will produce the final result of a management plan, incorporating and hopefully solving all aspects of the impacts.